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ReFire! Don't Retire! The mission of ReFirement is to encourage people to transform the last act of their lives and help organizations and corporations become “Employers of Destination.”

What is ReFirement?

Why don’t we simply “retire” the concept of retirement? Retirement hasn’t been around that long. It’s not even as old as television. It was created for a male industrial workforce that literally needed to rest after 65.

What if we replaced the retirement concept with a new and positive vision of basing your life and work choices on your core values, your passions, a commitment to lifelong learning, an intentional connection to all generations, and a willingness to use your legacy as a starting point for deciding how you want to live today?

Instead of waiting for retirement, or a major life crisis to change directions, the new paradigm would promote multiple career portfolios, translating passions into life and work opportunities, and finding meaning and authenticity in our life journey. Why defer our dreams?

ReFirement is dedicated to a vision of our world where a full life doesn't begin or end at a certain age or sometime in the future—ReFirement means we can have a full life today!

Connect here to a podcast interview with Jim Gambone on YouTube: “ReFirement in an Age of Longevity” – in which he reveals the origin of ReFirement and the meaning and symbolism it has for retirement. He shares how he created a multi-portfolio life in retirement and the importance of staying healthy, active, engaged, relevant, and filled with meaning given the gift of longevity.

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