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The founder of ReFirement, Jim Gambone, has more than 35 years experience giving keynote speeches, presentations, consultations, and leading seminars tailored for a wide range of corporations and organizations. Drawing on his specific area of expertise, Jim is also available to speak on intergenerational issues. 

Speaking Topics and Seminars Include…

  • "ReFirement: Ten Steps to a Successful Future" 
  • "Is There Life After Work? Don’t Retire—ReFire!" 
  • "Creating Intergenerational Respect, Caring, and Cooperation: A ReFirement Challenge" 
  • "ReFire All the Generations in Your Workforce" 
  • "Building Healthy and ReFiring Communities Through Intergenerational Dialogue"

Consulting Services

We also offer consulting services on the subject of ReFirement for individuals, corporations, and organizations. Please e-mail us at mail@pointsofviewinc.com for further information.

To learn more about our work with ReFirement, check out our publications:


We offer publications to assist you in understanding and supporting your or your organization's or company's vision of the future.