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James V. Gambone, Ph.D.


Jim Gambone is a dynamic keynote and plenary speaker. He has spoken before numerous national and international audiences with critical acclaim.


Following the completion of an M.A. in Inter-American Diplomatic History, service as a Peace Corps volunteer in Colombia, S.A. and a Ph.D. in bilingual/bicultural education at the University of New Mexico, Jim worked as a Drop-Out Prevention Specialist on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and as a Resource Training Director with the Minneapolis Public Schools. In these positions, Jim was responsible for developing and delivering a variety of curriculum and training programs. Since that time, Jim has worked as an adjunct faculty member, writer, producer and director, telecommunications and marketing consultant, statewide media campaign coordinator, workshop leader, public speaker, and lecturer.


ReFirement is a positive and optimistic approach for how we live the last third of our lives. It also provides a context including the major elements of what makes up an aging society. Jim is the author of ReFirement: A Guide to Mid-Life and Beyond, published in 2001 (which may be purchased through the Points Of View Shop page); and the host of a national public television show, ReFirement: 10 Steps to a Successful Future. Jim conducts national workshops on aging issues and delivers keynote addresses on ReFirement and its implications for an aging society.

Jim is currently working with two financial advisors on incorporating many of the ReFirement concepts for financial advisors. They have written a book, Join the Longevity Revolution to highlight these concepts. Go to the Longevity Revolution Press website to learn more about the project and how to purchase the book.


Jim is recognized as a national and international resource in the area of training and intergenerational relationships. This work has focused on human services issues. His Intergenerational Dialogue Tool™, is being used in all sectors of society including corporations, churches, government, academia, non-profit institutions, and community-based organizations. The Intergenerational Dialogue Tool has been applied to such issues as: Homeland Security; child abuse prevention programs; long term care; human resources; disaster relief; family and community violence prevention; aging corporations; and deficit reduction. Jim’s major keynote speeches include: The National Council on Family Relations; The National Association of Lutheran Health Care Agencies for the Aging; The British Columbia Council on the Family; The Minnesota Gerontological Society; The United Nations International Year of the Family Intergenerational Conference (1994); as well as conducting trainings and numerous customized organizational presentations. His books, Together For Tomorrow: Building Community Through Intergenerational Dialogue, and All Are Welcome: A Primer on Intentional Intergenerational Ministry and Dialogue, (which may be purchased through the Points Of View Shop page) are being used in colleges and universities, communities and congregations across the nation.


Jim’s early award-winning investigative research and film and video work includes: an investigative documentary on Agent Orange (Agent Orange) narrated by Martin Sheen (view this film on Vimeo.com); 12 major national teleconferences and other documentaries on rural poverty; creating the future in rural communities; and a summer youth employment video about working with at-risk kids. Jim produced and directed an 18-minute intergenerational dramatic film, Foreclosure (view this film on Vimeo.com). The film included a cast consisting completely of local talent—no professional actors. In 1984, Jim produced and directed a community dramatic film in St. Cloud, Minnesota, a half-hour intergenerational children’s film, The St. Cloud Sleep. This film broke new ground in children’s entertainment as the first made-for-television children’s film where the story idea, the cast, and the principal funding came from a community that had made the commitment to improve the quality of children’s television. Jim also produced a half-hour, made for television documentary, Creating the Future in Rural Communities. The video was used as part of a workshop to train rural leaders nationwide around the concept of change. His short dramatic film, The Journey Home, warns us of the impending crisis in long-term care. (View The Journey Home on Vimeo.com.) Jim's most recent theatrical film which he produced and co-directed is “The Life & Loves of Sinclair Lewis,” an online streaming film based on an 80-minute stage production set around the celebration of the 100th year anniversary of Sinclair Lewis’s best-selling novel, Main Street. The film is streaming through the Sinclair Lewis Foundation website. To view it, click here.

Jim is a Senior Partner and Executive Producer of Points Of View Incorporated. He served on the Board of Directors at Capella University and is currently a faculty member in the School of Public Health at Capella University. He retired as Chair of the Board at Climb Theater Company after serving on the Board for 24 years. Jim continues to write and produce films and videos with socially-relevant subjects. “On the side,” he is an alcohol ink and watercolor artist.