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Intergenerational Consulting for Communities & Organizations – including Disaster Relief

Intergenerational Dialogue™

Our intergenerational consulting is customized for the needs of each community or organization. Our clients have included: The National Council on Family Relations; The Minnesota Gerontological Society; Area Agencies on Aging in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, South Carolina, Florida and Wisconsin; State Departments on Aging in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Florida, Arizona, Illinois, Pennsylvannia, New York, and California; over 50 school districts across the country; numerous community-based grass-roots organizations; The Concord Coalition; The Illinois Volunteer Network; National Senior Volunteer Corps; AmeriCorp; America's Promise; Wisconsin and Kansas Intergenerational Networks; United Way of Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and California; Cardinal Stritch University; CapellaLearning.edu; The Gray Panthers; The Third Millennium; The AARP; Generation's United; The British Columbia Council on the Family; The Global Conference on Generations; Age Concern of Great Britain; among others.


For specific information on how your organization, corporation, or faith community can be more intergenerational in thinking and action, go to these pages:

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• Communities of Faith: Intentional Intergenerational Ministry (IIM)

• Homeland Security

• Intergenerational Dialogues™ & Events – in the past, present, & future

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Build intergenerational resources in your community or organization, by hosting a training event for up to 50 people. A typical training day looks like this:

Agenda (Breaks are included as needed)
8:30-9:00 - Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:00-9:20 - Introductions and Circle of Generations
9:20-9:30 - Scenario
9:30-11:00 - Generational Panels
11:00-11:30 - Intergenerational Small Groups Develop Recommendations
11:30-12:15 - Lunch
12:15-1:30 - Organizing the Dialogue Itself
1:30-2:30 - Community Organizing Strategy
2:30-3:00 - Customizing the Dialogue For Your Community, Questions and Answers

Cost: Varies according to organization or community's needs. An extra half-day of training is also available to focus exclusively on facilitator skills. Please contact us at 1-952-472-3379 or e-mail us at mail@pointsofviewinc.com.


Disaster Relief

Intergenerational consulting, training, and Intergenerational Dialogues have been used very successfully in dealing with disaster relief. We have been a part of disaster relief efforts for the: 1995 Missouri flood; North Dakota flood of 1997; and we have been an important part of the recovery efforts after the devastating tornadoes in St. Peter and Comfrey, Minnesota. Our clients have included: FEMA; Lutheran Disaster Response; and State Disaster Agencies in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Missouri.


Call us at 1-952-472-3379 or e-mail us at mail@pointsofviewinc.com for further information on our customized consulting and training programs.

You will find a complete guide for organizing your own Intergenerational Dialogue in your community or organization in our book Together for Tomorrow. Our booklet Generations is a good resource for understanding the importance of a generational approach to community and organization issues. See Our Products page for information on how to order this booklet and for other helpful resources.

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