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Graphic Design Portfolio


Newsletter, Brochure, & Flyer Design
  Sanomat-page 1 small  
Sanomat - pg2 small
  Salolampi Foundation Newsletter "Salolammen Sanomat" (front and back) – full size: 34 x 11 inches, gate folds to 8.5 x 11



Climb Theatre pg 1
Climb Theatre pg 2
  CLIMB Theatre Season - identity brochure (front and back) – full size: 17 x 9 inches, roll folds to 4 x 9 with lip wrap edge as closure

Salolampi Flyer frontSalolampi Flyer back
  Salolampi Language Village - identity brochure (front and back) – single sheet, 8.5 x 11

Augsburg postcard 1Augsburg postcard 2
  Reclaiming the Soul of Medicine (Augsburg College event) postcard (front and back)


Book Design
  FindWhatsNextForYou-Cover PageFromFindWhatsNext  
  Find What's NEXT For You: Business Owners Share Their Transition Stories – book design for Biz-Bridge LLC  
  YMTD book coverYMTD guts  
  You Make the Difference: The Financial Advisor's Performance Guide to Marketing You! – book design for the PTM Group

RF Workbook coverPDI Workbook pg1
  The ReFirement Workbook for Personnel Decisions International & The ReFirement Group

Bohus Booklet coverBohus Booklet page
  Bohus Stickning - Radiant Knits: An Enchanting Obsession for The American Swedish Institute, One of Susanna's, and Saga Hill Designs for the ASI Bohus Stickning exhibit

Fragile Foundation coverFragile Foundation guts
  A Fragile Foundation report design for Search Institute


Logo Design
MAM Young Artist Logo
for Music Association of Minnetonka

AckmanBaer logo


Saga Hill logo
for Corporate Identity

SagaHill Retail Logo
for Retail Product Identity

ISFN logo

The Journey Home logo

 ReFirement logo


ISFN logo


Elder Eye logo


Display & Product Design
  Vesper Display Wall Free Standing History Wall for Vesper Society

Salolampi Portable Display Retractable Display for Salolampi Foundation

RF set art
Illustration of a piece of set art created for a Public Television national program. Actual piece measured 48" x 48".

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